Monday, November 9, 2009

Good idea

Good idea.


  1. Thanks for moving quickly, Steve, I am anxious to see how this will work and work out any bugs.

  2. I am trying to discover a way to get comments to appear under the post.

    I am worried that we might have to go to a wordpress blog format for that, I am not sure.

  3. Steve, please accept the invitation to the Google Group, if possible, so we can see how that might work.

    It looks much like a private group e-mail discussion, just like the one we already have.

    Right now, just using a regular e-mail account, we can still send private messages to each other in the background. (we say: chi chi chi, in Portuguese, or it is like gossiping a little behind each other's backs, but in my experience with my life long friends, we all do this)

    This chi chi chi may not be done as conveniently with the Google Group.

  4. Thanks, Tenney, for setting this up.

  5. Thanks, Sailesh, for connecting.

    I am sure we will have fits and starts, and it will take a little time to see what we can do, but we will get there eventually.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you ...

  7. I left a comment over at Contact. Piñon = Wayne

  8. So, Tenney, I can't find the button needed to create a new topic (if that's the word). Is that open only to you as the 'owner' or may others start something new?

  9. on the main page, up at the top right corner is a place where you click to log in.

    Once you click on that, you should go to a page to log on or to the "dashboard"

    the dashboard contains a list of the blogs you are related to

    you should see the name of this blog

    under the name there should be a place where you can click "new post"

  10. actually, I am not the owner -- the owner is

    I sent you the password.

    If you do not succeed in creating a post using pinon, then log back out and log in using climate.tuva and the password