Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello Tenney and Steven: I'm not clear on operations here, but this is a first try. Wayne


  1. So, what do you think about changing the name of this blog to Tuva or Bust! Advanced Life Support?
    If there's a trademark infringement we could try leaving off the exclamation point. Have heard nothing back from Leighton yet on that.
    Also, Tenney, is it possible to edit a blogspot name?
    Finally, I'll try to remember to respond here rather than to the email thread on this topic.

  2. Dear Wayne,

    It is not really possible to change the blog's internet address, but the name can be messed with.

  3. Suggestions for blog name:
    Life Support Systems
    SOS: Systems of Sustainability
    Sustainability or Bust (I'm with Wayne here, sustainability still has resonance for me)
    What the Frak! (just trying to see if you're paying attention, Tenney)